Edward Abbey and the Great American Desert
  A documentary about how one writer's love for the American desert and anger over its destruction shapes a generation of environmentalist activists.



CANYONLANDS is a documentary about wilderness, activism, and the writings of Edward Abbey. In works such as Desert Solitaire and The Monkey Wrench Gang, Edward Abbey provoked new ways of thinking about nature and inspired the formation of environmental groups such as EarthFirst!

CANYONLANDS was shot in the deserts of Utah and Arizona that Abbey describes so evocatively in his books. The film sets his visionary texts and new interviews against evocative recordings of a world under transformation -- a landscape shaped equally by the forces of nature and of human intervention.

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The documentary includes interviews with Ken Sleight, Kim Crumbo, Katie Lee, Jack Loeffler, and Jim Stiles.

Previews of the documentary are currently being screened at repetory cinemas and universities. The film premieres in 2011. SCREENINGS, CREDITS and OTHER INFORMATION.

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